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One of the top principles in our mission statements is Transparency, which is important to us. We therefore want to explain how we obtain coupons and provide free cashback to our devoted users.

A group of Partnership Managers work for us. These relationship managers communicate with retailers on a regular basis. With hundreds of Retailers, they have calls once a week or once a month. They discuss the performance of our website with the partners throughout their calls.

What percentage of our users were interested in their offers, how many sales we sent, what they need to change to catch more users’ attention, etc. At the Retailers site, we’re fortunate to have such excellent marketing managers. They make every effort to obtain discount codes and discounts for our customers.

We work closely with companies like Overstock, Dell, Macy’s, Expedia, Michael Kors, and others. Our relationship managers collaborate regularly with their marketing managers. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

A team has been formed to optimize our coupons and deals. More than 10 full-time employees are working on this project. They devote all of their waking hours to posting offers and promo codes to websites. Every week, we upload more than 2,000 coupons (including promotional codes and discounts) to our website. Some of the coupons come directly from our Retailer Partners. The crew also spends time online looking for more promo codes and discount deals.

Additionally, a few of our wonderful customers contribute the coupons they uncover with us, and we add those coupons to the website after confirming the validity of each discount offer. This group’s job is to negotiate the finest discounts for you.

We place a lot of importance on sharing our profits with our devoted users because it is one of our basic beliefs. Offering cashback is one of the ways we accomplish this. By providing cashback, we are giving our users a portion of our commission. When a user of ours clicks on a coupon link on our website and makes a purchase, we receive a commission from our retailer partners.

We receive a commission from the Retailer as soon as a transaction takes place. The commission we distribute to our users as a form of cashback is that. Our partnership managers put up a lot of effort to persuade our merchant partners to increase their commission rates because the more retailers encourage us to do so, the more cash back we can offer to our users.

Our success with Retailers will determine if we receive increased rates. We have negotiating power to obtain cheaper prices if retailers perceive that we are sending them a sizable number of transactions. Therefore, it is crucial that our users visit our website frequently and buy something through one of the links there.

To get you the best coupons and cashbacks, our employees managing our partnerships and optimizing our coupons are essential. Together, these two teams put in a lot of effort to change things. Along with cashback, we offer our members additional cash through social media giveaways, sweepstakes, and other promotions. So make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Please feel free to check out our open Job Posts and come join us if you want to work with us, assist us in finding additional coupons, and create collaborations.

Lets Make IT Happen Together

Lets Make IT Happen Together

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